People feel lucky to have someone with whom they can pour their heart out. With whom they can talk about their suffering and the pain without being judged. But sometimes that listener also needs an empathetic ear, with whom it can share the emotions flowing through the veins. Someone who can understand that this heart …

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Once You Fall In Love With A Soul, You Can Never Get Over It.

You will find its presence everywhere you go. “It is not in the beauty we trust, it’s in the energy one’s soul radiate.” And, often, once you fall in love with a soul, you will barely find another soul attractive enough to redeem the damage caused by the loss of the prior. Al-Moiz

“Even If Their Past Is So Bad Who Are We To Judge.”

Why is it we remember people remember people their mistake. Shouldn’t we leave that to he who gave us life, sadly its not done these days, I was brought up with those words if you cover someone’s wrongdoings Almighty will cover yours too. Many feeel it’s great to expose another and look down on them. …

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Believe in yourself to not convince who don’t believe in you. How can you be okay without approving yourself? You can’t. You won’t approve it completely even if hundreds of others tell approve it because you have asked for their approvals as you couldn’t believe in it. Believe. Because it will help you to not be around the ones who don’t. Believe. Because you will accept failure, but you won’t give up. Believe. Because you have to value yourself and not be dependent on others to feel valued. Believe. Because you yourself deserve every bit of attention and affection from yourself too. Believe. To be the person that makes people, Believe.


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